Model TYPE Table-top
with book copy top
Resolution 300x600 dpi
First print speed 21 sec (A4)
Print speed 60-120 sheets
per minute
(3 steps)
Max print area 250x355 mm
Original size(max) 297x432 mm
Original size(min) 100x148 mm
Print paper 297x420 mm
size (max)  
Print paper 100x148 mm
size (min)  
Stacking capacity 1000 sheets (80 gsm)
Paper weight 45-210 gsm
Ink re-fill Automatic
600 CC
Power supply 230 V +-10%
Dimensions in use 1270x615x666 mm
Net weight 73 kg
Color print Drum unit
Zoom 70,81,86,115,
122 and 141%
Free zoom 50-200%
Margin shift 94%
Option Optional
Pc interface kit  
Pc inter face kit  
Registration Vertical:
adjustment +/-15mm
Contrast control 3 setting.light to dark
Image modes Text, photo, Text/photo
Multiple printing  
Confidential mode  
Memory modes  
Book shadow  
Options dp - pir
automatic document feeder
LCD Document No
Paper size No
Master remain  
& ink remain  
Color inks 12 varieties 600ml
Master 270 master
per roll (A3)